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Tip. Instead of this phrase, say a specific date by which you need to either solve the problem or abandon it.

"I'm not ready to throw a penny"

In the vast majority of cases, this phrase sounds 3-4 times during the entire period of the sale of real estate. At first you are not ready to throw off from 5,000,000, then - from 4,800,000, then - from 4,500,000, and at the very end - from 4,300,000 rubles (dollars, euros, yen, etc.). You know it, the other side of the negotiation knows it, and the real estate agent representing the buyer knows it too.

Tip. Put the word “bye” anywhere in this phrase and you won’t look stupid! “I'm not ready to give a discount yet” - such a phrase leaves you a chance for a second conversation with the buyer.

“I have other buyers for this money, so make a decision quickly”

Favorite lie of the owners during the sale.

How do I know it's not true? If there are other buyers for this money, then why haven't they bought yet? Because these are buyers either not for this property, or not for this money. Starting a seller-buyer relationship with a lie is a bad tactic. If you deceived in small things, then where is the guarantee that you won’t lie and won’t “throw” in a big way?

Tip: Use an open showing and a written bid to show the competition for your property from buyers.

“What do you care why we are selling our property?”



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